Robot Shield V2 Servo Control Board + LinkIt 7697


Robot Shield V2 Servo Control Board + LinkIt 7697

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Included Items

● Robot Shield V2 Servo Control Board for LinkIt 7697 x 1
● LinkIt 7697 Development Board x 1


Robot Shield for LinkIt 7697 is designed and manufactured by MiniPlan in Taiwan, allow maker to easily create their own robots.

LinkIt 7697 is a co-design product by Seeed Studio and MediaTek. As the latest member of the LinkIt family, it uses the MediaTek MT7697 SoC and aims at providing lightweight IoT solution. It may reminds you of LinkIt Smart 7688/Duo, another development board which released in 2015. Both of them are born for IoT however they are quite different.


● 10 PWM Pin to controls up to 10 servos
● 2 DC Motor Driver to controls up to 2 dc motors
● Built-in Buzzer (P14)
● 1 UART extension socket
● 250 mAh Battery included (Lithium Capacitor)
● Higher output (2.5A) to drive more servos and motors
● Faster recharge (5V/2.5A)
● Longer life cycle (3000 times rechargeable)
● Safer, will not explode
● All-in-one design (servo control, dc motor driver, power)
● Dimension: L60mm X W42mm X H30mm

Hardware Overview

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