Q1 lite Simple Quadruped Robot (3DP)

Core Only

DIY Kit (Included: Core + Servos + Screws)

Assembly Kit (Included: Core + Servos + 3DP Parts + Screws)

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Included Items

● Robot Shield V2 Servo Control Board for LinkIt 7697 x 1
● LinkIt 7697 Development Board x 1
● SG90 Servo (180 Degree) x 8
● Servo Arm for SG90 x 8
3DP Parts
● All 3DP Parts for Q1 lite (11 Pcs)
● M2 x 12mm x 8
● M1.7 x 6mm x 28


What is Q1 lite?

Q1 lite is open source simple quadruped robot,
It's easy to make and assemble, the cost also quite low.

You can print out the required parts by 3D printer on Thingiverse.

● Simple design, easy to print and assemble.
● 8 DOF using SG90 servo.
● All-in-one controller board - LinkIt 7697 with Robot Shield and built-in battery.
● Remote control the robot through mobile apps.
● Dimension is L150mm X W160mm X H70mm (Standby Post)

Instructions and downloads

Q1 Robot Hub
Project on Thingiverse