Q1 mini Quadruped Robot

Core Only

DIY Kit (Included: Core + Servos + Screws)

Assembly Kit (Included: Core + Servos + 3DP Parts + Screws)

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Included Items

● Robot Shield V2 Servo Control Board for LinkIt 7697 x 1
● LinkIt 7697 Development Board x 1
● SG90 Servo (180 Degree) x 8
● Servo Arm for SG90 x 8
3DP Parts
● All 3DP Parts for Q1 mini (37 Pcs)
● M1.7 x 8mm x 60


What is Q1 mini?

Q1 mini is an open source quadruped robot for everyone!

You can print out the required parts by 3D printer on Thingiverse.

● Simple design, easy to print and assemble.
● 8 DOF using SG90 servo.
● All-in-one controller board - LinkIt 7697 with Robot Shield and built-in battery.
● Remote control the robot through mobile apps.
● Dimension is L150mm X W160mm X H80mm (Standby Post)

Instructions and downloads

Q1 Robot Hub
Project on Thingiverse